ABS-CBN CDO Host and Her #LazyNurses Rant

Nicole Abas Datayan of Pamahaw Espesyal, a TV host of Abs-Cbn Cagayan de Oro is reaping hate comments from nurses and netizens after she posted a rant about her frustrating “ordeal” in a hospital yesterday.

Datayan expressed frustration over the negligence of the medical practitioners of Madonna and Child Hospital in Cagayan de Oro who attended to her niece Laika, when the latter was admitted due to high fever. The #LazyNurses drew the ire of netizens who came to the defense of Filipino nurses, in general.

Nicole Datayan posted this on Facebook:

“So. My niece LAIKA, who is to me like my daughter, was admitted for high grade fever yesterday. 24 hours later, no doctor has come to see her. Every time we ask, the nurses tell us, “Don’t worry, we’re texting with the him”. DON’T WORRY??! I don’t know this doctor assigned to her by the ER, but I DO know that he’s supposed to see her! We didn’t have a choice with this one because her Pedia was out of town.

And the hospital had the balls to tell us we can’t transfer her to another hospital until we have that doctor’s referral. WHAT DOCTOR??! we haven’t seen his ass, and Laika fever wasn’t getting any better!

Lazy Nurses

Datayan said, “We kept getting passed back and forth. Pagka wai Batasan gyud. Kami pa gyud ang ipa sponge bath to bring the fever down. #thumbsup #lazynurses”

She complained that the nurses didn’t even give her niece a sponge bath.


“How come had you been a TV host when you look so rubbish in your attitude and character?,” Semn Bayola said.

lazy nurses bayola

“Karma will hit you darling. Pray that you won’t get hospitalized or that so-called pretty face of yours will be history,” Pamie Clavejo commented.

lazynurses clavejo

Nurse  Suarez even reacted and attacked Datayan’s job. “Try mo maging nurse for a day! No wonder wala kang alam kasi no brainer ung trabaho mo,” he said.

lazy nurses suarez

Datayan has taken down her post but commenters are still posting negative comments on and reacting on her page.

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